RFID Traceability for Healthcare
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About us

Designing traceability solutions for the healthcare sector


Biolog-id, founded in 2005, is a designer-integrator specializing in the development of traceability solutions for health products, such as labile blood products (packed red blood cells, platelets, therapeutic plasma), plasma for fractionation and chemotherapy injectables.

Its applications contain a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag connected with a database and smart storage units, enabling hospitals and transfusion centers to manage products right up to the patient’s bedside.

Thanks to its realism and feasible strategic choices, combined with a rich portfolio of 100 international patents and a number of major partnerships, Biolog-id is currently on the way to becoming an essential player in the field of managing, optimizing and achieving real-time control of sensitive health products – data, materials and products.

The company’s market is experiencing strong growth and increases every year, mainly as a result of technological progress in developed countries. The powerful dynamic in emerging countries to achieve the highest standards in technology, and the aging of the population, is forcing governments and institutions to address significant needs in terms of both public health and the economy.

Every project undertaken by Biolog-id involves a specialist multidisciplinary team, to ensure that the needs and objectives of its users are fully understood. The teams include numerous engineers as well as pharmacists and doctors.


  • Audit
  • Feasibility studies
  • Solutions recommendation
  • Project management


  • Global solutions architecture
  • Customized RFID hardware
  • RFID integration into existing media
  • Software and interfaces


  • Configuration, installation and testing
  • User training
  • Technical support and maintenance