RFID Traceability for Healthcare
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Animal Identification Tools & Services

Biolog-id : 20 years experience in radio frequency animal identification

photo © François Guénet
Contact : Philippe CORDIER
Agro-Animal Business Unit Manager
Phone : +33 (0) 2 32 47 83 63
​Email : philippe.cordier @ biolog-id.com

Biolog-id offers a wide range of hardware tools, software and services to identify and trace animals, or gather specific data on their lifestyles, in a range of areas from laboratories through farms to industrial agriculture and wild environment.

  • We can adapt the identifying device (radio frequency chip, barcode, specific packaging),
  • We can propose fixed and mobile RFID reader devices,
  • We can sotware applications and also specific interfaces for existing professional applications.


Biolog-id has more than 20 years' experience in the identification of domestic animals with the help of radio frequency. Biolog-id offers the veterinarians a micro chip "Biolog-Tiny", less traumatic for small pets: cat, dog, ferret, hamster... Each animal is referenced in a national file administered by the Central Canine. Distribution of Biolog-id identification systems is secured by the SIEV.

Farm Animals

The European regulation 21/2004 has fixed the new identification rules of cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and horses. To keep animals on a farm, in a private or professional capacity, brings the need to conform to the different identification rules according to the type of animal owned. To respond to the identification and global traceability needs, Biolog-id has developed a range of reading, interface and software tools adapted to the problems of the professionals in these different channels. Furthermore, Biolog-id has developed certain specific applications to capture data on breeding animals, so as to offer better help to breeders. Examples: feeding control in animal husbandry for ducks and geese, traceability of cattle, pigs and horses' semen,...


Tracking migrating birds and wildlife animals, tracking penguins, oysters or crayfish, following the siring of fish (salmon, sturgeon, trout, perch, bass, royal sea bream, turbot...) in marine farms, the hatching station or fish breeders associations, are a few examples of original experiments conducted in the field by Biolog-id. In this respect, the company can call on a wide range of solutions adapted to very specific needs (implants, readers, interfaces with software programs, connection and interfaced with weight, measure systems,...).

Animal Reserves

Biolog-id is referenced by the Zoological Parks Veterinarians French-speaking Association for the supplying of radio frequency identification systems.

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