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BIOLOG® Plasma

Identification and monitoring solution for plasma for industrial fractionation.


By attaching an RFID tag to every plasma bag, Biolog-id’s solution ensures that every unit can be tracked automatically from preparation at the Etablissement Français du Sang (EFS) centre through to fractionation by LFB.

For the EFS, Biolog-id’s solution means that they no longer have to perform secondary labelling and that the plasma unit sorting process is automated once they have been quarantined, all of which significantly improves production rates.


For LFB, this technology will increase efficiency when receiving and recording plasma from the French Blood Transfusion Service (EFS). The RFID receiving line installed at LFB’s Les Ulis site reads a box’s RFID tag in a matter of seconds, as well as the RFID tags of all 25 bags in the box, before they are stored in a cold room.

Contactless data transmission makes it possible to read the contents of closed boxes, thus reducing product handling to a minimum.

The RFID sorting line enables bags that are to be prepared for fractionation to be registered and tracked individually once they have been scanned, at a rate of one bag every 2 seconds.


Images Copyright LFB / François Guénet


  • Automation of the reception of frozen plasma from the Blood Centers
  • Significant reduction of manual handling and of process time
  • Increase in the number of usable frozen plasma bags for fractionation


  • Automation of manual barcode reading operations
  • Reduction in labour needed at the reception stage
  • Improvement of staff working conditions through reduction in time spent working at cold temperatures

“Several thousand litres of plasma are processed every week at our factory in Les Ulis, in Essonne. Not only does RFID increase productivity, it also increases efficiency and responsiveness during processing, whilst at the same time providing a robust technology for ensuring traceability. It’s a technological breakthrough that will enable LFB to better absorb business growth.”

Dr Patrick Bergeat, Deputy General Manager – Operations and Industrial Manager at LFB.

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