RFID Traceability for Healthcare
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Biolog®Transfusion for blood banks


An RFID memory chip is attached to each RBC unit containing:

  • Its product code,
  • The number of the donation,
  • Its phenotypes,
  • Its expiry date...

This data can be adapted to specific needs and will be inseparable from the product until it is destroyed.

The product identification data is "encoded" in the chip when the secondary label is printed in order to:

  • Guarantee that the data on the chip is that on the label
  • Allow the contents of the chip to be personalised according to need

Reservation, Allocation, Distribution, etc.

Throughout the circuit, the data is added to the chip on the fly and the status of each unit can be updated and viewed at any time. The chip is read all down the chain by the various RFID media supplied with the solution to document the operations performed on each bag in real time.


Thanks to the RFID antenna built into the fridges, the operator has an overall and detailed view of both the local stocks and the connected distant stocks (fridges at other connected blood banks, hospitals and clinics). For each unit of LBP it is possible to access:

  • Its allocated location inside the storage units
  • Its status (delivered, prescribed, allocated)
  • Its history
  • Its temperature curve

Delivery, Re-allocation, Recalls, etc.

After dispatch to healthcare establishments, remote, real-time management of products is an essential feature which allows the blood bank to:

  • Re-allocate non-transfused units remotely
  • Recall any unused unit
  • Set up virtual quarantine, thus eliminating the need for separate storage for released and non-released products

Sorting according to expiry date optimises allocation and considerably reduces product wastage.

Shipment to the healthcare centre


To ensure that the cold chain remains unbroken during transport, a temperature probe is linked to each container.

This allows the temperature curve recorded by the probe to be viewed upon receipt. This information is therefore linked to each unit in the transport container and stored in its history.