RFID Traceability for Healthcare
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Biolog® Transfusion for healthcare centers


Upon receipt, the operator reads the temperature probe placed in the container during transport. The operator can thus:

  • Validate receipt if the cold chain is unbroken
  • Refuse delivery and return the products without opening the container


Each unit is immediately put away randomly in the Biolog fridges, allowing:

  • The overall stocks of products to be viewed in real time
  • Search for the information and location of a specific product according to various criteria: expiry, group, patient, etc.
  • Allocation or re-allocation of a product to a patient without it being removed, even from an external establishment
  • Linking of the corresponding temperature curve to each unit
  • Recording of the operations performed on the product (products put into or removed from the storage units, allocation, etc.)

Biolog: A modular solution

Sized for:

  • Different configurations and architectures
  • Management of large stocks at multiple sites
  • All types of RBC stocks

And also:

  • Organisation and personalisation per blood bank and/or per depot
  • Recognition and automatic activation of storage units in the computer network
  • Continuation of activity in the event of a computer network failure

Biolog: an innovative, ethical solution

Biolog makes it possible to reduce blood product wastage which today stands at 50 %:

  • By removing the need to discard products where there is a doubt concerning the integrity of the cold chain
  • By allowing non-transfused products to be re-allocated
  • By optimising the use of products according to their expiry date