RFID Traceability for Healthcare
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Biolog® Transfusion

Recognized as the right solution by the blood transfusion community, this system guarantees blood product traceability, management and integrity at every stage of processing and storage, right up to the patient’s bedside.


Biolog® interactive contactless recording and monitoring of data brings greater assurance to product traceability from donation through processing to delivery to the blood bank.

The integration of the Biolog® patent protected RFID solution with ‘smart’ refrigerators into the hospital blood transfusion process means haemovigilance can be reinforced, traceability is improved and the potential for errors reduced.

The integration of the Biolog® patent protected RFID solution into daily operations throughout the supply chain can significantly reduce manual handling, streamlining operations and saving costs.

  1. Safe transfusions
  2. Rapid return on investment
  3. Respect of ethics
  • Customized solutions for blood transfusion centers and hospitals
  • Remote real-time stock management (distribution, reallocation, etc.)
  • Storage in controlled atmosphere guaranteed
  • Supply optimization
  • Reduced administrative workload
  • Automatic error prevention
  • Fewer product losses
  • Temperature during transport recorded 

Biolog®Transfusion : Complete solution for traceability and management of packed red blood cells

The Biolog® Transfusion solution satisfies all traceability and management requirements with regard to packed red blood cells, from the separation of the donated whole blood right through to delivery of the product for transfusion.

  • "Product" information instantly accessible in real time
  • Totally new, effective stock management
  • Guaranteed integrity of the cold chain
  • Guaranteed safety right up to the recipient's arm

All this ensures the optimum traceability of each unit throughout the transfusion chain.

Biolog® Transfusion is a global solution based on:

  • An RFID chip with a unique ID attached to each RBC unit
  • Integrated readers to read and write each chip (e.g. inside fridges)
  • The Biolog® software suite, interfaced with the various business-specific software programs involved

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news Transfusion

26/11/2018 - How a Hospital, supplied by a Swiss Transfusion Red Cross Center, reached a +50% increase of effective transfused RBCs, thanks to RFID management of distant stock ?
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press releases Transfusion

12/11/2014 - Blood products traceability: A European first in ‘La Providence’ private hospital in Neuchâtel, Switzerland
The ‘Hôpital de La Providence’ in Neuchâtel, together with the ‘Service Régional Neuchâtelois et Jurassien de Transfusion Sanguine’ (SRNJTS) Blood Center, has adopted an RFID-based blood unit traceability solution designed by Biolog-id, which is a First in Europe. - See more

23/10/2014 - Mexico: Official Launch of the RFID blood bags traceability solution designed by Biolog-id and Dometic.
On September 29th 2014, the state of Veracruz (Mexico), officially inaugurated the deployment of the RFID blood bags traceability solution designed by Biolog-id and Dometic, in the presence of their local partners: IL Werfen, ICTZE Group and Hemasoft – and the Secretary of Health, M. Juan Antonio Nemi Dib. - See more