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Blood products traceability: A European first in ‘La Providence’ private hospital in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

12/11/2014 - The ‘Hôpital de La Providence’ in Neuchâtel, together with the ‘Service Régional Neuchâtelois et Jurassien de Transfusion Sanguine’ (SRNJTS) Blood Center, has adopted an RFID-based blood unit traceability solution designed by Biolog-id, which is a First in Europe.

This new technology ensures an optimal control of the transfusion chain and a complete traceability of blood products. This is a major improvement: The RFID technology allows the refrigerated “smart storage” unit to detect any blood bag moves, thus preventing human mistakes within the process. In addition, quality and preservation safety of blood products is greatly improved by a fully monitored and controlled temperature along the chain, from donor to patient, both within transport and storage phases.

On top of this total and transparent traceability, Biolog is the first software in Europe able to share information in real-time between the SRNJTS where blood products are produced, the Synlab laboratory where blood bags are stored, and the ‘La Providence’ Hospital services who transfuse the products. The Blood Center can monitor the stock in real-time and get a status for each of these blood units. Any unused blood bag can be reassigned to another patient without being moved from the refrigerated storage. The solution provides all information related to regulatory storage conditions. This monitoring tool allows to effectively reduce the overall quantity of circulating blood products and to avoid any waste of a scarce, valuable and perishable product.

Many delegations from France and Switzerland have already come and visited ‘La Providence’ Hospital in order to discover this new methodology, which will soon be presented in several transfusion conferences. By relying on a global and unique traceability solution, ‘La Providence’ Hospital reinforces the transfusion process safety, providing thus better patient care which is a top priority for the Hospital.

Genolier Swiss Medical Network (GSMN), a subsidiary from AEVIS Holding SA, is the 2nd largest network of private clinics in Switzerland and the only actor present in the three linguistic regions. GSMN's main objective is to offer first class hospital care to Swiss and foreign patients. GSMN distinguishes itself by the quality of services delivered, the brand value, a pleasant work environment and an experienced management team. GSMN operates 14 private establishments in Switzerland (Clinique de Genolier, Clinique de Montchoisi, Clinique Valmont, Clinique Générale, Clinique de Valère, Hôpital de la Providence, Centre médical des Eaux-Vives, Clinica Ars Medica, Clinica Sant'Anna, Privatklinik Bethanien, Privatklinik Lindberg, Privatklinik Obach, Klinik Villa im Park, Schmerzklinik Basel), with around 1200 accredited physicians and 2300 employees. The ‘Hôpital de La Providence’ is part of the GSMN network.

The Synlab Group, headquartered in Augsburg (Germany), is a leading provider of medical laboratory services in Europe. Synlab Group is present in 20 countries, amongst which Switzerland, with 175 laboratories. More than 6800 employees are putting every effort each day into providing better patient care and contributing to the group success in Europe.
Synlab Switzerland gathers 20 sites, with 500 highly qualified employees, throughout Switzerland, and offers a range of 4000 analysis within any field of the laboratory medicine. Synlab Switzerland describes itself as a nearby laboratory close to its customers.

For more information: www.synlab.ch

Contacts : Olivier Plachta
Hôpital de la Providence




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