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Mexico: Official Launch of the RFID blood bags traceability solution designed by Biolog-id and Dometic.

23/10/2014 - On September 29th 2014, the state of Veracruz (Mexico), officially inaugurated the deployment of the RFID blood bags traceability solution designed by Biolog-id and Dometic, in the presence of their local partners: IL Werfen, ICTZE Group and Hemasoft – and the Secretary of Health, M. Juan Antonio Nemi Dib.

The solution provides comprehensive traceability for blood products all along the transfusion chain, from donor to patient, by allowing data to be read and written at any step all along the process. It also offers a real-time management of the blood products stored in refrigerated “Smart Storage” units, as well as a complete monitoring and control of a bag’s temperature, recorded during its lifecycle and especially during the transport and storage phases.

I think this monitoring tool must really be welcome as, in addition to prevent the waste of blood products, it will have a financial impact by allowing the optimization of blood bank installations and a better use of public resources”, said the Mexican Secretary of Health, M. Juan Antonio Nemi Dib. Then he added “that the European system for blood quality control is a cutting-edge technology for blood storage, blood transport and for blood transfusions in general”. The Blood Transfusion Center (CTS) director, Elidé Bravo Sarmiento, reminded that before the Biolog-id’s solution was adopted, “11% of the blood units were lost, due to poor storage and transports conditions” and she estimated that “this technology will allow us to save up to 7 millions of pesos per year”. In addition to the CTS, 7 regional hospitals have also been equipped with the solution in the state of Veracruz.

In France, the ‘Laboratoire français du Fractionnement et des Biotechnologies’ (LFB) and the ‘Etablissement français du sang’ (EFS) have already chosen the Biolog-id solution to guarantee the RFID traceability of plasma bags for fractioning and labile blood products.
Other countries have already started, or are engaged into negotiations, to deploy the solution: Switzerland, Italy, in Eastern Europe, Asia, USA, as well as other Mexican states and some South-American countries, amongst which Brazil.

During this event, Jean-Claude Mongrenier wished to thank his collaborators as well as all the partners who have contributed to this innovative solution. “This inauguration in Mexico is the launch pad for our technology on the Latin-American market” declared the president of Biolog-id, “Our Company now enters a new phase in its international development”.

Press Contact: brigritte.postel @ biolog-id.com

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