RFID Traceability for Healthcare
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Nowadays, RFID technology is increasingly being used in many areas of everyday life. Our experience and expertise have led us to develop this technology with reference to the field of life sciences.

To address growing health needs, our engineers, pharmacists and doctors have developed specialist expertise in the field of traceability, a fundamental aspect of the quality and safety of health processes both from a logistics angle and from a therapeutic perspective.

Our knowledge and skill, which have been widely recognized for many years, are based on our fields of expertise (automation, robotics, electronics, RFID, mobile computing, software applications, etc.) and our portfolio of 64 international patents.

We offer our clients global solutions to suit their technical, financial and regulatory requirements.

Our company is very much aware of the fact that our past, current and future success is based on the people who work here, and we foster their commitment to the strong values that are continually reasserted at every level throughout the company: the satisfaction of a job well done, ethics, respect for others and for the environment, and a progress culture.

This interaction between knowledge and expertise, experience, innovation and company values, combined with a high degree of professionalism and skill, ensures that we can deliver one of our primary objectives: customer satisfaction.


Dr. Jean-Claude MONGRENIER
Chief Executive Officer

Photo (c) F. Guenet