Biolog-id alongside healthcare staff


In these very special times #COVID19, an important issue is to free up time to take care of patients. With its real time localization of products and their availability status, Biolog-id solution allows removing unnecessary movements of products and calls of no added value to healthcare professionals.

One of the sectors currently under stress is the management of Labile Blood Products (LBP), essential for transfusions. The SST® “Smart Storage” kit for the storage of LBP’s, and a key feature of the Biolog-Transfusion® solution, enables significant dropdowns of unnecessary interventions and transportations, saving precious time for healthcare personnel:
• Visualization and management of Labile Blood Products stocks, remotely and in real time.
• Automatic control of products movements.
• Patient allocation and remote delivery.

Learn more about the Biolog-Transfusion® solution and the SST® Smart Storage kits

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