RFID Traceability for Healthcare
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This system guarantees blood product traceability, management and integrity at every stage of processing and storage, right up to the patient’s bedside.


The identification and monitoring solution for plasma for industrial fractionation.


The innovative new RFID solution for ensuring traceability, security and management throughout the chemotherapy circuit.


Range of hardware tools, software and services in all areas to identify and trace animals.


13/04/2016 - Biolog-id accelerates its international expansion with the appointment of the International Director of Sales and Marketing
Biolog-id, leader in RFID traceability for health products, announces the arrival of Guillaume de SAINT MARTIN as International Director of Sales and Marketing. - See more

01/09/2015 - RFID Technology reduces logistics demands dramatically
Worldwide projects and investigations of Fresenius Kabi demonstrate the benefits of RFID technology, especially for the logistics of blood bags. RFID makes blood donations not only safe, but also efficient! RFID replaces around 15 individual scans and saves valuable time in all processes -from donation, through to processing and storage. - See more

20/04/2015 - Using RFID Technology to Ensure the Traceability of French Plasma for Fractionation
The LFB group, Biolog-id and the French Blood Transfusion Service (Etablissement Français du Sang/EFS) have announced the introduction of an RFID1 traceability system developed by Biolog-id for LFB. - See more

press releases

21/07/2016 - Biolog-id introduces its new General Manager
Biolog-id, the leader in RFID-based traceability of health products, is pleased to announce the appointment of its new General Manager, Pierre Parent, who will oversee the growth of the company. He will now manage all the company's operational activities in close cooperation with the CEO, Jean-Claude Mongrenier. - See more

13/04/2015 - Using RFID technology to ensure the traceability of French plasma for fractionation
The LFB group, Biolog-id and the French Blood Transfusion Service (Etablissement Français du Sang/EFS) have announced the introduction of an RFID traceability system developed by Biolog-id for LFB. All bags containing plasma for fractionation leaving EFS centres will henceforth incorporate RFID chips, which will facilitate their registration at LFB, the ... - See more

12/11/2014 - Blood products traceability: A European first in ‘La Providence’ private hospital in Neuchâtel, Switzerland
The ‘Hôpital de La Providence’ in Neuchâtel, together with the ‘Service Régional Neuchâtelois et Jurassien de Transfusion Sanguine’ (SRNJTS) Blood Center, has adopted an RFID-based blood unit traceability solution designed by Biolog-id, which is a First in Europe. - See more

The added value of Biolog-id

Increased global needs , limits of self-sufficiency, administration errors ... a pleasant video to understand how Biolog®Transfusion solution, provides concrete and effective responses to these issues. Step by step , follow the RFID-enabled blood bags in pictures.