Injectable preparations flow control from the compounding units to patient administration

Personnalized medicine, it is essential to trace each compound of a treatment cycle
Each year, almost 20 million new cases of cancer are diagnosed all over the world.

The need for personalized preparation of chemotherapy and immunotherapy injectables continues to increase (targeted Tx). To support these challenges, biolog-id has developed Biolog Oncology Solution.

Ensuring the secured supply and quality of these high value products to the right patient is a major public healthcare challenge.

In France, about 9 million anticancer compounds are administered each year  

Biolog Oncology Solution combines:

Biolog Data System Software Suite
BDS software transforms collected data from biolog-id RFID devices & tags into actionable information in real time for oncology injectable preparations traceability.
RFID Equipment 
Biolog-id has developed a complete range of RFID equipment to secure the whole chemotherapy and immunotherapy circuit. These devices have been designed specifically to maximize the benefits of the technology while limiting the footprint or need for replacement of existing devices. Biolog-id hardware range includes RFID labeled products such as encoders, RFID transport terminal, mass reading container, etc.
RFID tag affixed to each preparation
Each injectable preparation labeled with a RFID tag registers all important information including prescription number, DCI, dose & unit, expiration date, preservation, route of administration, patient ID, receiving department.
Patient safety module 
Biolog-id Patient Safety completes the solution and guarantees that the right product goes to the right patient. The mobile X-Match application brings to clinical departments the RFID benefits by eliminating manual data entries with digitalized recording of most mandatory information as well as patient vitals and events that may occur during the administration.
Data analytics service
Data analytics service provides measurable, visualizable and customizable dashboard to support decision makers to drive their operations, from data generated or collected by the biolog-id data bases. 

Biolog Oncology Solution is dedicated for:

Pharmacy compounding
Inpatient & outpatient care unit
Home-based hospitalization
Clinical trial
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Biolog Oncology Solution ensures and optimizes all the chemotherapy and immunotherapy circuit.

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