Plasma route control from the collection to the fractionation plant

Plasma-derived therapies are vital for patient's lives
Every year, 32.8 million of plasma units are donated :

Made from donated plasma, plasma derived protein therapies are used to treat a number of rare and chronic, HC conditions.

Due to their biological nature, several complex steps must be applied to ensure safe and effective therapies, that can last for several months.

To ensure traceability of origin, transport conditions, and product sorting challenges, biolog-id has developed the Biolog Plasma Solution

Biolog Plasma Solution combines:

Biolog Data System Software Suite
BDS software transforms collected data from biolog-id RFID devices & tags into actionable information in real time for plasma product traceability.
RFID Equipment 
Biolog-id has developed a complete range of RFID equipment to secure the plasma bags’ circuit, from the donor to the delivery at the fractionation facility, and dispatch towards the appropriate production lines.  These devices have been designed specifically to maximize the benefits of the technology while considering the customers’ constraints. Biolog-id includes RFID enabled products such as encoders, automatic RFID sorting line, RFID portal, data logger for temperature monitoring, mass reading tunnel etc.
RFID tag affixed to each plasma bag
Each plasma product labeled with an RFID tag becomes a connected device and carries all necessary information for a full traceability including, but not limited to, the donation number, product code, product volume, collection date, blood center code.
Data analytics service
Data analytics service provides measurable, visualizable and customizable dashboard to support decision markers to drive their operations, from data generated or collected by the biolog-id data bases.

Biolog Plasma Solution is dedicated for:

Blood centers
Fractionation facilities
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Biolog Plasma modular solution addresses key steps of the plasma supply chain workflow from:

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Biolog Plasma
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