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Blood supply management from the donor to the patient

Blood is an essential therapeutic resource
Each year, around 108 million blood donations are collected over the world.

Vital blood components such as red blood cells, plasma and platelets are transfused to patients and help save many lives.

Traceability from donor to patient is crucial to ensure the availability and the quality of blood products.

Based on RFID technology, this modular end-to-end tracking solution enhances vein-to-vein traceability through 4 modules: Transport, Processing, Inventory, Patient Safety.

Biolog Transfusion Solution combines:

Biolog Data System Software Suite
The software Biolog-Data-System (BDS) is the core of transfusion solution, converting data generated by Biolog RFID devices & tags into real-time actionable information for blood product traceability & operational management from donation to patient’s transfusion.
RFID Equipment 
Biolog-id includes RFID labeled products encoders, blood compounds smart storage kits for temperature regulated cabinets, data logger for temperature monitoring, mass reading tunnel, etc. 
RFID tag affixed to each blood product
Each blood product labeled with a RFID tag can register donation number, product code, blood group, extended phenotype, expiration date, product volume, patient information. 
Patient safety module 
Biolog-id Patient Safety module ensures the administration of the right product to the right patient. It is composed of a complete set of items including RFID tags, a handheld device*, a mobile application (X-Match App**) and a workstation (X-Match Desk**).

* Biolog-id can provide the handheld devices ifrequested
** Product not cleared in Brazil
Data analytics service
Data analytics service provides measurable, visualizable and customizable dashboard to support decision markers to drive their operations, from data generated or collected by the biolog-id data bases.

Biolog Transfusion Solution is dedicated for:

Blood transfusion centers
Blood banks
Healthcare establishments
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