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What we do for employees

We are convinced that our employees are our most valuable resources. To foster a climate of trust, engagement and wellness in which each team can blossom, our approach is based on 5 pillars:


Give a strong meaning

We believe that our solution will have a positive impact to both medical staff and patients and that each position within the organization contributes to this objective


Listen to our employees

We strongly believe that a two-way communication will aid the company’s growth while encouraging employees’ personal development


Nurture a corporate culture

We have no doubt that a strong and positive culture conveying common values encourages employees to feel and perform their best at work


Promote work-life balance   

By maintaining a work-life balance, we guarantee our employees a healthy environment that considers everyone constraints


Ensure a nice work environment

Whether it is the creativity room, the gym, or the CSE, we multiply small kindness to brighten the daily life of our employees and foster creativity and innovation

Discover biolog-id’s teams:


Our sales team works across territories, across structures and across stakeholders to understand their needs and raise awareness of our technology. Attentive listeners and endowed with a clear understanding of the global market, the members of this team are committed to building sustainable relationships while delivering a high-quality customer experience.

« As Vice President of Sales, my major mission is to lead the biolog-id’s strategy for North America. Challenging our approach is key to ensure our commercial leadership: we need to regularly iterate processes to find the most timely, scalable, and repeatable win strategy for us and our customers. This leads to another exciting challenge: develop an inspired, winning and team-oriented sales culture to create a standard of excellence, serving ultimately the customer experience. »

Patrick Conway, Vice President Sales, North America
Applications Engineers

At Biolog-ID, the Customer Care department implements our solutions for our clients and supports users in becoming familiar with our software suite. These experts also assist the sales team by providing technical information about the biolog-id’s technology as well as giving feedback on customer needs.

« My job at Biolog-ID is both challenging and rewarding. In charge of managing and supporting distributors throughout all Italian regions, I have the opportunity to collaborate with many professionals with diverse backgrounds, while designing and implementing complex and customized technological solutions for various types of customers and healthcare facilities. Beyond allowing me to improve my skills, I feel that - through this job - I can contribute to enhance patient safety and improve working conditions for the medical staff »

Federica, ApplicationEngineer, Italy
Field support & Integration

Once our specific and customized solution has been implemented, the Field Support and Integration department remain at the client’s disposal to ensure the proper appropriation of our technology. Preferred intermediary, this team perfect the installation until its totally meets the customer’s needs.

« Since my arrival in 2015 in the after-sales service, I’ve had the opportunity to advance quickly in my technical roles & responsibilities at both national and international levels, thanks to my English capabilities. I’ve then joined the International Customer Care Department where my customers could benefit from all my cumulated experience and skills from my after-sales-service time, whether it was for on site or remote support. Following that valuable experience, I’ve recently refined my career objectives and decided to evolve into a cross-functional position mixing both Project Management and Technical expertise. »

Antoine, Integration Manager
Project Management

Responsible for overseeing a project from A to Z, our project leaders have a crucial role at biolog-id. In daily contact with our various internal experts, they coordinate each step of development: from functional specifications to supervising design and conception, and onwards to product approval and market release. Owing to their position, they are involved with a varied range of projects, from internal R&D to managing projects for customer orders.

« Being a project manager requested both to be systematic and to plan ahead. In this position, we play a major role in the product’s development, from defining the customer’s need to conception and final approval until placing the product on the market. Supervising a project from A to Z and working hand-to-hands with all involved teams make my job very engaging. »

Florian, Project Manager
Software Developer

At Biolog-ID, our Software Developers design and develop computer programs and applications based on technical and functional specifications. They produce software and prototypes, carry out testing and pre-acceptance, and program in a specific coding language. In addition to development, they analyze technical and functional issues, and provide corrective measures and technical backfitting

« Biolog-ID has welcomed me with open arms for my two years of vocational training, leading then to a permanent contract. After more than four years within the company, the various innovative projects have allowed me to improve my software skills as well as developing the communication ones towards all colleagues based on the main establishment. »

Maxence, Software developer
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Vocational training at Biolog-ID

Aware that its growth perspectives will also be supported by the youngest people, biolog-id is committed to training students and support them while they take their first steps in the working world. Through many vocational training opportunities on offer, biolog-id recruits students in its electronics, software development, and project management teams, in line with its business needs.

« I chose to pursue a career in IT without much conviction. I’ve found the opportunity to do an internship at biolog-id which has been transformed into vocational training. I’ve immediately accepted. At this job position, I felt like I have found my path. While I’ve improved my IT knowledge, my tutor has taught me that skillfulness is a keyword such as team spirit. »

Kyrian, System and network technician

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