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An executive visit of the Global Diwan to learn about the utilisation of Biolog-id’s Transfusion Solution in Kuwait

1 February 2023
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Paris, France (February 1st, 2023) – Kuwait Blood Transfusion Administration Services (BTAS) is implementing the advanced transfusion solution for blood components traceability developed by Biolog-id, a French digital health company. A delegation of the Global Diwan, an organisation focused on connecting leaders from Europe and the Arab world, met with BTAS management and team on the 31st of January to learn about this exciting East-West collaboration.


“I would like to thank H.A. Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah and the Global Diwan for this event” declared Olivier Ossipoff, Chairman of Xerys Invest, majority shareholder of Biolog-id through its managed funds, and sponsor of the Global Diwan. “Xerys Invest was quick to identify the global potential of the Biolog-id solution. We strive to foster international partnerships such as the one between Biolog-id and Kuwait BTAS and see this collaboration as a major step in the effort to improve healthcare worldwide.”


The Global Diwan delegation, and Mrs Claire Le Flecher, French ambassador to Kuwait, met with Dr. Reem Al-Radwan*, Director of the Department of Blood Transfusion Services at Kuwait’s Ministry of Health.

Dr. Reem shared her vision for transfusion services in Kuwait, and the role she sees for the Biolog-id solution in implementing this vision.


“We are excited to see the collaboration between Biolog-id, a leading French digital health company, and BTAS, a leading healthcare organization, responsible for blood supply across the entire country of Kuwait,” said Eric Schell, CEO of the Global Diwan. “It is our mission to promote and support such collaborations, and it is very rewarding to see this example firsthand.”


“The Global Diwan executive visit is an important event for Biolog-id and for Advanced Technology Company, our local distributor in Kuwait,” said Philippe Jacquet, Executive Director of Sales EMEA/LATAM at Biolog-id. “It gives us an opportunity to showcase our innovative solution to business leaders from Europe and Kuwait and continue to develop strategic partnerships in the MENA area.”


About Blood Transfusion Administration Services

BTAS mission is meeting the country’s needs of the patients for safe, high quality and provision of all transfusion services under the supervision of the government represented by the Ministry of Health as a non-profit organization. Kuwait Central Blood Bank (KCBB) – the leading processing center of BTAS - is accredited member with the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) since 1989 and is participating in the College of American Pathologists (CAP) since 1994.



*Dr. Reem Al-Radwan got the Arab Award for BloodTransfusion service from the Arab Authority for Blood Transfusion services ofthe council of Arab Ministers of Health.



About The Global Diwan

Founded in March 2020, the Global Diwan is a platform for economic and cultural exchanges between Europe and the MENA region. As our motto “Connecting East and West Leaders” indicates, we want to promote dialogue between the leaders of these two regions who have so much to build together in the face of the challenges they must face in a more concerted way.

Led by Eric Schell, the executive team of the Global Diwan relies on its advisory board co-chaired by H.E. Maurice Gourdault-Montagne, Ambassador of France, former Secretary General of the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, and H.A. Sheikha Intisar Al Sabah, Kuwaiti businesswoman and philanthropist.

The Global Diwan relies on a network of partner organizations and friends:  Egis Group, SAUR, French Foreign Trade Advisors, Generation 2030, Oddo BHF, First Abu Dhabi Bank, International Association of Oil & Gas Producers, Indian Business Club, Bosphorus Energy Club, Beirut Energy Club, Mediterranean Water Institute, etc.

The Global Diwan URL:



About Xerys Invest

Xerys Invest is a French private equity firm that invests mainly in today's leading sectors such as Health & Life Sciences and GreenTech. Xerys Invest supports companies in industrial sectors that are under going major transformations in response to economic, environmental, and societal challenges that have strong ambitions of development and international expansion. Xerys Invest stands out in the market both through its modus operandi and its long-term strategic and operational support for portfolio companies, as well as through its offer of traced or mutualized investment opportunities to investors and its relationship with them. Lastly, Xerys Invest has genuine sectoral expertise, supported by a strategic committee made up of specialists and recognized experts in key sectors.

Xerys URL:



About Biolog-id

Biolog-id develops value-chain optimization solutions that create, collect, and consolidates high quality data to drive operational,commercial, and clinical results for high-value high-impact health products. Biolog-id’s patented platform is used by multiple customers in the US, Europe, Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific.

Biolog-id URL:

Contact: Diane Muller,



About Advanced Technology Company

ATC is a leading healthcare and environmental solutions provider in Kuwait with a 360-degree approach, putting patients as its main priority. Since its inception in 1981, ATC has built a reputation forbeing a “Pillar of the Community” and become the partner of choice for major healthcare projects in Kuwait and the region.

The company offers a wide range of products and services including diagnostic imaging, life care solutions, health facility infrastructure, laboratory and environmental management, medical and surgical OR solutions, infection control, oral health, patient care and rehabilitation, pharmaceuticals, Agri-Vet and care tech, information technology, kitchen and laundry, security and audio-visual solutions, and healthcare manpower services and medical home care services. ATC’s expertise in healthcare equipment and solutions in unmatched and they are capable of meeting over 95% of the healthcare sector’s diverse requirements.

The ATC URL:  


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