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Biolog-id is awarded a multi-year contract with CHMT hospital center for an end-to-end Transfusion solution.

11 July 2023
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Paris, France (July 11th, 2023) – The Centro Hospitalar Médio Tejo, E. P. E. (CHMT) is a recognized healthcare institution located in the central region of Portugal, integrating three hospital units located in Abrantes, Tomar and Torres Novas. Since October 2022, the hospital has been running a pilot project to integrate and interface several of Biolog-id’s solution modules, including Encoding, Processing, Transport and X-Match into the blood bank's operational procedures.


In March 2023, the following processes were included in this pilot project:

-       Transport and reception of whole blood units collected from donors at the Abrantes hospital unit.
-       Shipment and reception of red blood cell units between the Torres Novas and Abrantes hospital units.
-       Whole blood processing at the Torres Novas blood bank.
-       Transfusion safety involving patients in orthopaedic unit 1, and the corresponding operating room, of the Abrantes hospital unit and routine transfusion procedures in the transfusion medicine department.

To ensure complete traceability, RFID tags are placed in each blood unit. Both the product and the patient information are then encoded onto that tag.


"The pilot project was satisfactory, not least because it showed that it’s possible to improve our procedures using RFID technology, thereby increasing the efficiency and quality of the services we provide," said Dr Marta Gomes, Quality Assurance Manager at the CHMT Blood Bank.

"The modules of the Biolog Transfusion solution have met the proposed objectives. The evaluation is positive with regard to the speed and ease of implementation, the effective and easy training, the reliability and performance of the modules and equipment, the traceability and availability of real-time information, and the digital reports on the various phases. These resulted in improved efficiency of the processes and the quality of the service provided by the Transfusion Medicine Department," explains Dr Sandra Sousa, Director of the Blood Bank at CHMT.


The tender won by Biolog-id in June 2023 for its end-to-end solution will include the red blood cells inventory management module for the 3 hospital units of CHMT, in addition to all the modules that were included in the pilot project. The installation is scheduled to start in July 2023.

About CHMT

The CHMT is a public entity located in the central region of Portugal, in full operation since 2001 and integrating three hospital units located in Abrantes, Tomar and Torres Novas, inaugurated in 1985, 2003 and 2000 respectively. The three units are located 30 to 35 km apart.

The creation of the CHMT is based on a model for the integration of hospital care in the Médio Tejo region, seeking to coordinate care between the three units and make the most of the capacity installed in these three infrastructures of the Portuguese National Health Service (SNS).

The CHMT has over 420 beds and is equipped with all the main medical and surgical specialties, serving a population of around 250,000.

CHMT's haematology department carries out over 6,500 blood drives a year, and processes blood components in the Torres Novas hospital unit, which distributes them to the hospital units in Abrantes and Tomar.

Being self-sufficient, it also distributes blood components to other health establishments in the country. Over 5,000 blood transfusions are performed every year in the three hospital units.

About Biolog-id

Biolog-id develops value-chain optimization solutions that create, collect, and consolidates high quality data to drive operational, commercial, and clinical impact for high-value high-impact health products. Biolog-id’s patented platform is used by multiple customers in the US, Europe, Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific.

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