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Biolog-id Extends its Value-Chain-Optimization Solutions.

24 March 2022
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Atlanta, GA (March 24, 2022) – Biolog-id, a digital health solution provider focusing on value-chain optimization,is extending the scope of its platform to include additional blood components and use-cases. Through closepartnerships with leading hospitals and blood centers, Biolog-id employs an iterative, customer-centricapproach to innovation, to define a new standard of care.

A recent project with ARUP Laboratories was initiated to support inventory management and product selectionfor liquid plasma, thawed plasma, and a specific sub-category of low-titer plasma units. The solution featurestailored reports available via the Biolog-id portal, and a dedicated app accessible through a refrigerator-mounted tablet.

“This project started with identifying the potential of the Biolog-id technology to support the management ofthis complex inventory,” said Kelly Cail, Director of Operations for Transfusion Medicine at ARUP Laboratories.“We worked with the Biolog-id team to define a solution and were then able to leverage the iterativedevelopment process to further improve the relevancy and value of this solution for our team.”

“At Biolog-id we believe that meaningful innovation combines three core elements: Technology, Creativity, andEmpathy,” said Amit Mayer, Chief Innovation Officer at Biolog-id. “Our proprietary technology and pragmaticcreativity help us extend the boundaries of what we can do. But to create true value we strive to fullyunderstand how our customers will use our solution and why. Our collaborative development paradigmcombines co-creation and rapid prototyping to ensure that we are not only doing things right, but also doing theright things."

The Biolog-id platform was designed to support flexibility and configurability, both vital for addressing thediverse conditions and practices of transfusion medicine. This flexibility has been particularly valuable in recentyears as blood bankers worldwide face unprecedented financial, operational, and regulatory challenges. Biolog-id’s approach to innovation continues to focus on agility, flexibility, and customer-centricity to ensure therelevancy of its platform for years to come.

About Biolog-id

Biolog-id develops value-chain optimization solutions that create, collect, and consolidates high quality data todrive operational, commercial, and clinical impact for high-value high-impact products. Biolog-id’s patentedplatform is used by multiple customers in the US, Europe, Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific. Biolog-id is ownedby its founder, managers, and the Xerys Funds.

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