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Biolog-id Launches an Innovative High-Density (HD) RFID Kit Targeting the High-Volume Needs of Blood Centers and Large Hospital Blood Banks

4 October 2022
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Atlanta, GA (October 4th, 2022) – Biolog-id announced the launch of an innovative RFID kit designed specifically for organizations with high volumes of Red Blood Cells (RBC). Following successful market validation, the new HD kit is being deployed at multiple customer sites, demonstrating the solution’s ability to support inventory management excellence even in the most complex and demanding settings.


“The development of the HD kit is a great example of a customer-centric approach coupled with engineering and operational excellence,” said Amit Mayer, Chief Innovation Officer at Biolog-id. “We believe that the rapid adoption of this novel product is a testament to the quality of our team and to the efficacy of our development strategy.”


An innovative RFID base with a flexible mounting system allows the Biolog-id HD kit to accommodate multiple refrigerators and cold-room setups. The unique RFID-friendly bins allow users to move large quantities of blood from one location to another with full RFID traceability, facilitating a seamless integration into existing processes.

“The HD project was a strategic effort that we can now utilize for additional blood products,” said Troy Hilsenroth, CEO at Biolog-id. “And we see significant opportunities in leveraging the unique architecture of this product in adjacent healthcare verticals.”



About Biolog-id

Biolog-id develops value-chain optimization solutions that create, collect, and consolidates high quality data to drive operational, commercial, and clinical impact for high-value high-impact health products. Biolog-id’s patented platform is used by multiple customers in the US, Europe, Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific.

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