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Blood transfusion : Burgos University Hospital deploys the new X-Match® technology of biolog-id

26 January 2021
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Paris, January 26th, 2021 

The Burgos University Hospital, a major healthcare center located in the North of Spain, has selected and installed the X-Match®  application from the French Med-Tech biolog-id. This application, based on RFID technology, enables 

healthcare professionals to significantly reduce the risk of a transfusion mismatch at bedside. 

One of the key steps in this medical care is proper transfusion: each year, between 400,000 and 500,000 transfusion errors occur worldwide and 80% are linked to traceability errors1. The biolog-id’s solutions aim to face this challenge. 

“For a long time, we were looking for a solution which not only increases dramatically patient safety at bedside, but which also eliminates any paper-based reporting. By using the biolog-id X-Match® technology, we have improved the transfusion safety process, just as the related working conditions and efficiency of our team members. The app enables a paperless electronic recording and an automated compliant central documentation. Our daily hemovigilance report is only a click away!”, comments Dr. Virgina Dueñas, Head of the transfusion department. 

Before any transfusion, the X-Match®  application matches the assigned red blood cell units and the patients’ bracelets. Medical staff is equipped with a handheld personal digital assistant which ensures that the right product is administrated to the right patient. 

Besides, the X-Match® application significantly reduces administrative work: all operations made with the device are transferred directly to the data base and can be accessed through the desktop. The standardization of these collected data ensures their accuracy in clinical studies. 

“The value of our solution has been demonstrated and we are very pleased to confirm its effectiveness in a real-world situation. The X-Match  application has been designed to serve patients and to support the health professionals in their day-to-day”, declares Philippe Jacquet, Executive Director of Sales EMEA/LATAM at biolog-id. 

About Burgos University Hospital 

The Burgos University Hospital (HUBU) is a public hospital located in the Spanish city of Burgos, in full operation since June 18, 2012. It is part of the University Assistance Complex of Burgos (Complejo Asistencial Universitario de Burgos) and it is integrated the Regional Health Management of Castilla y León (SACYL). 

The Hospital was projected in the 90's, with the objective of offering a new and modern health infrastructure for the city. The University Hospital replaced the old General Hospital Yagüe. It has also bought together other health services in the city, such as the Military Hospital, the hospitalization of the Divino Valles Hospital and the Specialties Center. 

It is the largest of the entire autonomous community and one of the most modern in all of Spain. It has a total of 744 beds, where more than 11,000 blood transfusions are delivered each year. 

About biolog-id 

biolog-id has designed an intelligent and patented solution for the management and traceability of sensitive healthcare products (red blood cell concentrates, plasma, platelets, chemotherapy preparations), in order to optimize their supply chain from donor to patient. Present in North America, Europe, the Middle East, India and the Asia-Pacific region, Biolog-id has about a hundred employees around the world. The Biolog-connect® solution is protected by more than 100 international patents. Biolog-id is the property of its founder and the Xerys Funds. 


Contacts: Astrid Billard – / Noémie Mourot - 

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