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The Blood Center of New Orleans cooperates with biolog-id

21 june 2021
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The Blood Center of New Orleans cooperates with biolog-id to enhance visibility, availability, and traceability of life-saving blood components

The Blood Center of New Orleans is the latest community blood center to embrace biolog-id’s technology. The Blood Center will deploy biolog-id’s solution to support the manufacturing and distribution of two key blood components – platelets and antigen-negative red blood cells. 


ATLANTA, GA (June 21, 2021) – Biolog-id LLC, a developer and service provider of connected healthcare solutions, announced today its partnership with The Blood Center of New Orleans. Biolog-id’s cutting-edge technology will provide digital visibility to all platelet types in accordance with the new FDA bacterial risk control guidance. The biolog-id solution will support operational, distribution and planning decisions across the entire

lifecycle of these strategically important products. The use of the biolog-id solution for the rare red blood cells inventory will streamline the management of this complex inventory, facilitating better internal cooperation and optimizing the fulfilment of customer orders. 

“We are firm believers in leveraging technology to improve the efficiency, quality, and safety of the blood supply,” said Billy Weales, President & CEO at The Blood Center. “Our cooperation with biolog-id allows us to achieve these goals with two of our most critical blood components – platelets and rare red blood cells.” 

“Our cooperation with The Blood Center of New Orleans is a direct result of our efforts to develop solutions tailored to the specific needs of community blood centers,” said Amit Mayer, VP Innovation & Analytics at biolog- id LLC. “The complexity associated with the collection, manufacturing and distribution of platelets is only increasing, and we take great pride in the growing impact of our platelet lifecycle management tools on our growing customer base nationwide. 

The biolog-id technology is compatible across multiple systems, software, and hardware. That flexibility of the biolog-id platform, coupled with a customer-centric innovation focus, facilitates the development of dedicated tools that address the changing conditions in the industry. With an expanding customer base in the US and worldwide, this combination drives the ability to efficiently configure biolog-id’s solution. While addressing the unique needs of both donor centers and hospital blood banks, this further enables our ability to effectively scale.

About biolog-id 

Biolog-id develops and implements innovative solutions, that digitally transform routine processes into actionable data supporting better operational and strategic decisions for sensitive therapeutic products.
The information generated by biolog-id solutions is available to Healthcare Professionals at any time, enhancing their processes efficiency, work conditions and ultimately the safety of the therapeutics administered to patients. Biolog-id’s patented platform is utilized in North America, Europe, Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific. Biolog-id is owned by its founder, managers, and the Xerys Funds. Xerys Gestion is a French investment company primarily positioned on trending sectors that include healthcare & Life Sciences, renewable energy/GreenTech and new digital technologies. 

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About The Blood Center 

Founded in 1960, The Blood Center is the primary supplier of blood, blood components, and plasma derivatives to local hospitals throughout South Louisiana and parts of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We are a non-profit, community service organization guided by a volunteer Board of Trustees, comprised of community leaders and hospital representatives. Our mission is to provide a quality supply of blood components to meet the needs of the communities served by The Blood Center, and to provide the technical support needed by the blood banking profession to achieve the highest safety and ethical standards. The Blood Center supplies over 50 hospitals and numerous outpatient transfusion facilities in Southeast Louisiana and Southern Mississippi. 

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