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The District Hospital Santarém to adopt Biolog Transfusion Solution to improve red blood cells traceability

29 march 2021
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The District Hospital of Santarém, a well-recognized healthcare center located in the central region of Portugal, has chosen Biolog Transfusion Solution to optimize its blood components’ management between its healthcare services and blood transfusion department. In operation since November 2020, this solution provides real-time traceability to red blood cells, from reception to release for transfusion. 

Based on RFID, Biolog Transfusion Solution connects healthcare professionals to essential product information. By offering real-time precise physical location for each blood product unit, this cutting-edge technology helps to better drive inventory management and enhance patients’ blood product reservations. Besides, this traceability allows unused red blood cell bags to be more reliably returned to the Blood Bank for potential new patient assignation before the expiration date. Combining the technology with 24/7 accurate digital information contributes to better utilization of available products and in reducing wastage, a key requirement when we know that about 5% of these vital resources can be unavailable for medical usage1. 

“The implementation of the Biolog Transfusion Solution proved to be a good tool to improve the traceability of the transfusion process and, consequently, the quality of the service provided by the blood transfusion department. By tracking red blood bags, it’s possible to obtain information on all procedures performed with them, from reception at the department to transfusion at the inpatient service”, said Dra Rute Ribeiro, technical coordinator and responsible for quality of Santarém District Hospital Blood Bank. 

“We have worked alongside the District Hospital of Santarém to define the right tools for facing their challenges, and we are pleased to see that Biolog Transfusion Solution meets their needs. At biolog-id we are committed to developing state of the art solutions to ensure the availability and the quality of blood products which will ultimately serve patients”, declares Philippe Jacquet, Executive Director of Sales EMEA/LATAM at biolog-id.

“The real time capacity to locate blood components, as well as monitoring transfusion processes is the main achievement made possible by using RFID technology. That is really a forwarding security step!”, explains Dr. João Moura, Director of Santarém District Hospital Blood Bank. 

By combining software, equipment, and tags, the modular end-to-end Biolog Transfusion Solution offers traceability of blood components products at every stage of the process. Biolog-id’s flexible approach allows customization of the solution to meet any infrastructure constraints, from blood centers, blood banks, and hospitals. 

About biolog-id:
Biolog-id develops and implements innovative solutions, that digitally transform routine processes into actionable data supporting better operational and strategic decisions for sensitive therapeutic products: blood products (red blood cells, platelets, plasma), chemotherapies, parenteral nutrition.
The information generated by biolog-id solutions is available to Healthcare Professionals at any time, enhancing their processes efficiency, work conditions and ultimately the safety of the therapeutics administered to patients. 

Biolog-id’s patented platform is utilized in North America, Europe, Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific. Biolog-id 

is owned by its founder, managers, and the Xerys Funds. Company URL: 

About District Hospital of Santarém: 

The District Hospital of Santarém (HDS) is a Corporate Public Entity located in the city of Santarém in the central region of Portugal, in full operation since 1985. The Hospital is part of the Portuguese National Health Service (SNS).
The Hospital was projected in the late 70's with more than 500 beds and the objective of offering a new health infrastructure for the city. The Hospital is equipped with all the main medical and surgical specialties, serving a population of approximately 200,000 inhabitants. It has now a total of 419 beds, where more than 6,000 blood transfusions are delivered each year. 

About Xerys Gestion: 

Xerys Gestion is a French investment company primarily positioned on trending sectors that include healthcare & Life Sciences, renewable energy/GreenTech and new digital technologies. As such, Xerys Gestion supports companies in industries undergoing major transformation to address economic, environmental and societal challenges that have great ambitions for their growth and international expansion. In its market, Xerys Gestion stands out as much for its modus operandi and the strategic and operational support it provides to portfolio companies, as for the range of à la carte investment opportunities offered to investors and the firm’s close relations with them, or its sector-based approach. Lastly, Xerys Gestion has considerable sector expertise, bolstered by a strategic committee made up of recognized specialists and experts in key sectors. Xerys Gestion manages 200 million euros in assets, with a portfolio of nine companies. 

For more information visit or find us on LinkedIn @Xerys. 

Contact: Astrid Billard, 

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