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The Biolog-id Solution Implemented at Azienda Sanitaria Locale di Pescara in Italy to Track Blood Products and Plasma for Fractionation

16 June 2022
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Paris, France (June 16th 2022) - Azienda Sanitaria Locale di Pescara in Italy has implemented the Biolog-id Transfusion solution in the main hospital and two remote hospitals in the Abruzzo region.

The Biolog-id Transfusion solution is based on RFID technology, and combines dedicated hardware, software, RFID tags, and data services designed to create, collect, and integrate product, process, and patient data.
The solution implemented at Azienda Sanitaria Locale di Pescara supports inventory management of blood components across all three locations, as well as the transportation of blood components between them.


“To prepare our organization for the future, we decided to implement Biolog-id’s technology to better track and manage all the steps of the transfusion value-chain.” said Dr. Acorsi, Director of Transfusion Medicine at Azienda Sanitaria Locale di Pescara. “The data provided through the Biolog-id solution has operational value in real-time and can also support long-term process improvement.”


Azienda Sanitaria Locale di Pescara has also implemented the Biolog-id Plasma Processing solution, specifically dedicated to plasma units collected for fractionation. This solution is designed to optimize the supply-chain of these valuable rawmaterial, and further enhances blood supply digitization across the entire organization.



About Azienda Sanitaria Locale in Pescara  

The Pescara Local Health Authority in Italy, established in 1994 by the merger of the pre-existing Local Social Health Units of Pescara, Penne and Popoli, guarantees a catchment area of about 300,000 inhabitants, divided into 46 Municipalities, Collective Healthcare in living and work, District Assistance, Hospital Assistance.   

About Biolog-id

Biolog-id develops value-chain optimization solutions that create, collect, and consolidates high quality data to drive operational, commercial, and clinical impact for high-value high-impact products. Biolog-id’s patented platform is used by multiple customers in the US, Europe, Middle East, India, and Asia Pacific. Biolog-id is owned by its founder and the Xerys Funds.


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